The Difference Between Products and Services

Often there are many things you can offer your customers, and it’s hard to determine the difference between the different categories of each thing you can provide.

So, what is the difference between products and services?

Here are some definitions that you might find useful:

Products. Products are items. This is the main difference between products and services. A product is something tangible. You can touch it and it is an actual thing.

How do you promote a product? Products are easier to sell because the customer has the chance to actually hold the product in their hand, touch it, or it’s something that they’re able to see. This is a great advantage when marketing the deal because it can be used to interact with all the customers senses, and it’s not just an idea or intangible thing.

Services. Services are a bit tougher to define because they are not something you can often poke a stick at. They are simply something that is done, and provided as an action, not a thing. Common examples of services include cleaning, driving, delivering, negotiating. And people who provide a service are people like nurses, doctors, police people and sales assistants.

It’s common for a business or any establishment to provide both products and services. This is a great way to get continuing sales and make sure your business is growing in all areas. Often times you’ll see the person providing the service of helping someone choose a pair of shoes. They’ll help them try them on, provide them with answers to questions about different styles and fashions, and they’ll even know a thing or two about the different issues people face when they’re wearing shoes.

Based on this information the customer service rep can turn into a sales person and recommend a product (IE, the best shoe) for the situation. The great sales rep will also provide additional items that help the customer feel as though they’ve received a total solution and a fantastic experience.

It’s a little known fact that when someone goes shopping, they’re often not just in it for the product or service. The whole experience of making a decision on what to buy is just as important. The sales rep (or customer service rep) has the opportunity to make the experience good, or really great.

Add Shine to Your Pottery Quickly With Ceramic Glaze

Special techniques are used to make some designer and artistic high end pottery, porcelain, enamel and many other such products. Ceramic glaze is the method which is very commonly used in all such products. Ceramic glaze i.e. the ceramic coating is generally used to give the outer look or to increase the outer look of any product. It is generally used to even up the shape of the product, add the shine to it. Ceramic coating changes the look of the product completely and makes it more attractive. Glaze is the best thing one can add up to the pottery or enamel and make it look more artistic and attractive.

Ceramic glaze is generally used to enhance the beauty of things or products that are made up of the natural or earthy material. For e.g. if the pot is made up from mud and after it is made it is glazed then that evens up the surface as well as gives shine and proper finish to the pot. Ceramic glaze or ceramic coating is generally used in the end. After the making work is done, this is used to add the final touch to the product.

There are different ways to use ceramic coating. Some uses the glaze just for the final touch where as others who might want to make some designs on the pottery to make it even more interesting by using glaze. One can mix ceramic with some interesting colors and then apply on the pot or vase or any other product to give that shine as well as the attractive color to the product. The most common method is to dip the pot in the ceramic glaze to get the coating level on it. Some people pour the glaze and some may even spray or sprinkle the glaze on the top of the pot or vase. This helps in creating certain effects and designs on the product.

Mainly the glaze is made up from the minerals like potassium, sodium and calcium. When all these three are combined and brought together in pre-fixed proportions, it forms metal oxide. The metals are heated and then turned into the liquid form and then it is can be formed and taken into use to create the designs or effects over the coating.

If your pottery requires some beautiful, shiny and royal touch then ceramic coating is what you are looking for. Ceramic coating is certainly the best material to make the outer look of the pot or vase look more interesting and attractive.

Why Software Lead Generation Is Essential in Software Marketing

Challenges in doing business are unavoidable and varied. Companies have to weather the storms of competition, which is in the boiling degree. Different firms need to get as much as business opportunities as they can while making sure that they can do it ahead of the competitors. With a large population of rivals, the word fierce is an understatement. Then, there is a necessity to maintain marketable products that are most likely preferred by the targeted prospects. This means they have to set the price and attributes of the products according to the preferences of the customers while taking into account the products of their competitors. Another thing to consider is the national and international economic conditions. Bad happenings will have a direct or indirect negative effects to the business community and the other way around. These are just few of the circumstances, and these alone are too heavy to manage.

Software companies are not granted immunity from these burdens. In fact, the aforementioned forces may have sunk down a number of firms or have been making big troubles with their going-concern ability. Now, what should be undertaken to combat these factors, survive during the course and earn more sales? How should firms deal with these concerns? In this situation, business organizations have to excel in software marketing. After all, they can only bring in customers if they know how to find them. Attracting clients is the function of marketing and because of this, it has become a very crucial function in doing business. Incompetence in marketing is just the best way to end a business life.

In this situation, lead generation can provide a very big help. It is the process of gathering business contact information, reaching to targeted prospects through the data amassed, showcasing solutions, making business appointments and eventually closing business deals. Here is a list of reasons that justify the essence of generating qualified software sales leads.

1. It aids in providing a steady stream of prospects. Since companies want to always have a client in their sales pipeline, generating b2b sales leads provides a big help. Getting in touch with potential clients makes it easy and fast to bring in sales-ready opportunities, and nurture interested but not yet ready buyers.

2. Sales team has more business deals to close. Getting new potential customers directly means more business deals to be closed. Sales people will be able to make more proposals, and eventually income from contracts.

3. Weather weak seasons. In non-peak periods, lead generation allows companies to experience that frozen sales. Instead of the usual low profits, constant flow of leads means more income to weather the storms of weak seasons.

If you are successful in obtaining erp software leads, SAP leads, SAGE leads, accounting software leads, business intelligence leads, or any other leads, you can face the challenges with your head held high. You will not scratch your head thinking how you are going to avoid the dreaded losses. With it, there is nothing that can stop your company from growing up.